About Your New President: 


Rev. Pamela M. Pinkney Butts.... is the daughter of Charles E. Jackson Pinkney, former President of City Council for Warrensville Heights, Ohio. He has paved the way for people such as Marcia L. Fudge (Godmother to her oldest daughter), Brad Sellers, and so many others.  He took on the challenges of racism that have been detrimental to society. He is now pursuing Art as President of the Fine Arts Society. She is also the daughter of Dr. Betty K. Butts Pinkney, Esquire who was chief of staff for the Late Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones. She is currently practicing private law. Reverend Pamela Pinkney Butts is a ninth cousin removed of General George Washington. He is the first noted President of the United States of America.  I am a published author who has been addressing all issues of our concern impacting lives everywhere.  My Publication/Book titled Prodigal Pro-To-Col was written by me to address Godly and Government reform/revolution during one of the greatest storms in my life in the midst of my own receipts of injustice. I do know what does and does not work in our system of things and some things that shall work with your assistance and cooperation.  This document was delivered to Oprah Winfrey before she departed from mainstream television and submitted into courts of law to make true change not just cliche'.  My Book/Letter to you all  "Pamela's Plan" has been being completed since before Hillary Clinton or anyone else came out with a so called "Plan" of things for us.  My book of poetry addressing relationships "The Passages of Pamela" has been in the United States Library of Congress since 2004 available to your reading and purchase. I have many other written works and accomplishments including sermons.  My ideas get stolen by these people, banned and blocked from my being acknowledged for their implementation as well as representation. This is my third Presidential campaign. I ran for President in 2008 and 2012.  My ballots were not counted in the 2004 or 2008 elections for which I did vote.  I look forward to being our leader. I am also in the lineage of the Queen of England through my dad's heritage along with being related to the Late Gen. George Washington. My parents have been pivotal political religious and political pieces determining the destiny of many in a good way.  They have set a standard of excellence for me that I do respect.  I am reachable and approachable.  God Bless you.



Board and Committee Meetings and speaking on a regular basis: 

GCRTA -  Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

NOACA - Northern Ohio Areawide Coalition Agency

Full Council and Committee meetings - Shaker Heights, Maple Heights, Cuyahoga County, and Cleveland City Council Meetings

Speaks at Rallies addressing community issues 

Cierra Club - Environmental issues speaker in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio

Helped Senator Nina Turner with her campaign when she ran for her last election.  Advocated on her behalf between a broken relationship with her and Governor John Kasich.

City/County Council - (Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana) - She attended and spoke in both committee and full council meetings addressing legislation pertaining to issues to empower the community and the Nation. 

INDYGO - Advocate/Mediator for the needs of the community regarding Public Transportation. 

House and Senate - (Indiana) - Addressed legislation and bills. 

Started the Central State Univeristy of the NAACP 

Friend of the Library of Richmond, Virginia

Wrote a speech for the Late Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Wrote a song for the Late Judge Owen Heggs. 

Community Activist with Black on Black Crime, Incorporated. 

Imperial Avenue Womens Coalition (Speaker) 

Paid member of the United Pastors Inissions Organization

Marketing and Advertising Director

Grant Writing Director for M. Tolliver Alternative Daycare Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

Retired Probation Officer - Cleveland Municipal Court 

Educator - Substitute Teacher for Oklahoma City, Shaker, Cleveland, East Cleveland, and Indianapolis Public Schools. 

Trustee for Cornerstone Baptist Church of Christ in Dallas, Texas

Dallas Black Dance Theatre in Dallas, Texas. 

Poem and Fundraising for UNCF (United Negro College Fund) 

Who's who in America for Women in Dallas, Texas in the 80's 

Dallas Opera Understudy


Worked for Chiropractor

Licensed Ordained Minister, Visionary and Pastor of "NO FEAR but GOD" Fellowship Assembly as well as other churches. 

Proprietor several businesses including Publishing and Publication Company (No Bad News Network)

She has a book in the Library of Congress called "The Passages of Pamela", which is part 1, Part 2 is completed and available for purchase. She has a book that is a Documentary Type Publication that Oprah Winfrey has in her Library addressing government and Religious Reform with facts and data titled "Prodigal Protocol", which was written in 2004/2005 and is also in the United States Courts. 

She has been Campaign Headquarters Manager for Judge Ronald B. Adrine who is now the current Administrative and Presiding Judge for the Cleveland Municipal Court. She has also fought for the rights of animals. She has addressed animal cruelty in the past. 

She is certified and has practiced in prison ministry. 

Some Employment during College: 

United States Postal Service

Kennedy's IGA in Xenia, Ohio

Modeled for Revlon, Mirror Mirror Hair Products, Ethan's Store (Boutique) and Black Models Registry. 

Early and Late Teens: 

Sold  New York Times News Papers,  worked at Popeyes Chicken, McDonalds, Chuckee Cheese. 

She has worked hard her whole life and has done much for the country. She has been homeless and overcome injustice. She has experienced the faults of the system. She stands for what is right, not what is comfortable.