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Monday-October 10, 2016

From the Desk of Rev. Pamela M. Pinkney Butts....,                

U. S. A. 2016 Presidential Candidate

I do realize that specificity is crucial to you also.  When I spoke with you in reference to police misconduct I will break things down a little bit more.  The police reports I do file are altered to make me look bad.  For instance the one I did when my children and I were held NCIC "kidnapped" in my home on Ludlow Road the wrong address was purposely put on the report as well as his name misspelled.  2994 Ludlow Road cannot be mistaken for 2988 Ludlow Road.  Neither can Salett be mistaken for Sauett in the same report.  I was told at that time is was called "Unlawful Confinement."  Since then I have been told otherwise also.  When my Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Indiana State Identification Card, and my sermons were stolen from my home located at 821 East 88th Street #1 here in Cleveland, Ohio they did not follow up on the initial complaint I did within the first year I moved in 2006-2007 and altered the second report #2015-00033342 lying saying that I "lost" them in my home.  I never told them that I lost them anywhere.  The referral that was finally made from the Prosecutor's Office and never followed through on against Mr. Pope a report was generated misspelling the Sgt. Graziolli's name who has not honored his word to me either report number 16-008343.  The reports I did last month regarding my grandchildren and my being abused do not tell the truth either.  The last one I did not tell them that Prophet Billy W. Thomas, Jr. was my friend or that he was living with me along with other false statements made about me.  The Cleveland Police and Mobile Crisis have been making false allegations about me to the Department of Children and Family Services.  They in turn tell lies about me in court. So has my landlord.  This same information gets back to your office without my knowledge and no one contacts me to see if it is true or not.  I have filed at least five police reports against Prophet Billy W. Thomas, Jr. within the past year.  Not one of them or any of my other police reports if they get filed are taken seriously for me. They are used against me.  I met Steve Loomis at a Community Meeting where he told me that he would help me. He lied.  I met Chief Calvin Williams at a Prayer Breakfast.  He lied to me too.  I finally met Director Michael McGrath at a Public Platform too. He lied.  I met Director Dornat Drummond at a Community Meeting in the Glenville Library. He lied.  I met Commander Drummond at a Community Meeting. He lied.  I have been up the legal, political, corporate ladder of law enforcement only for it to be against me instead of operating in my favour as if my calling 911 for help is wrong.  The Rapes of my children and now my grandchild and me are a sick game these people are playing with my life.  They created a false police report against me pitting my oldest daughter against me.


The ads for Mobile Crisis do not specify that it is an agency for people with Mental Illness. Therefore, I called believing that if I am in a crisis to call especially when 911 is not responding on my behalf.  Instead that has been used against me too with implications and false allegations made against me leaving me unsafe and made mockery of.  People have been coming around me to steal my documents and discourage me from fighting for my rights.  The Cleveland Police have learned nothing from you all convicting them in the District Court. Just last week I had to call 911 on them only to be harassed by dispatch again when I tried to go into City Hall to conduct my affairs. The was harassed by them the week before that also.  I was told by the officer that he was told to do so.  Judge Kathleen Ann Sutula has been having ex parte communication against me.  She ruled against me in a court without my not only my not being properly notified but also making efforts to have court in the morning for the police before the County even opens.  I have asked that an investigation and prosecution be pursued against them for the officers as well as their co-conspirators. Please help me complete this task. I have more police reports on file than probably anyone has ever done.  These criminals helped steal my children from a school and rob me of my baby then have the nerve to try to tell me to just get over it playing timeline statute of limitations games against me.  


I was informed by someone that they are playing "Kangaroo Court" with my life and me.  I was told by Attorney Marcus Sidoti that I am perceived to be a "Common Denominator among the attorneys and that is why none of them will help me. That is why you see so many cases that I have had to file for myself by myself.  These past four Presidential Elections have been nightmares to my life in more ways than you can imagine.  My ballots have been disappearing.  I have been being beat up and tortured by law enforcement officers and preachers with cases fixed by judges against me, my campaigns overlooked, my children robbed and stolen from me, my home burglarized, and much more including their putting my pictures on fliers three days before the last election October of 2012 targeting me for more abuse.  


"They" call themselves fixing this election against me even now to not only make me look crazy but do other horrible things to me. One of the reasons you saw my grandchildren with me is because of them.  I cannot trust them to be cared for as they must.  I have been trying to contact Paul Perozini,Vice President and CEO from Channel 8 News, but, his staff has been blocking me just like some of Mayor Frank G. Jackson's people do from my seeing him for assistance.



Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!  God Bless you too!!!!!!!

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Isaiah 61:1St. Luke 4:18      

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10/9/16 Saturday Night Critique and Rant from Campaign Manager

OCTOBER 09, 2016

     Sharing my thoughts after seeing a play last night in Cleveland. This is my first critique. I’m not a professional, but at least I’m honest. Last Night, I decided to support a friend by going to his show and spent my Saturday night going to see “Secrets of a woman” written by Raymelle Adams. I learned a very valuable lesson from this play, which you will understand in a bit. It was in a decent sized auditorium at Cleveland State University and was nearly full for “Domestic Violence Against Women Awareness Month”. They could have added Children to that category as well. The beginning had four female speakers who were survivors of domestic violence. The main speaker was Laura Cowan, a domestic violence survivor who has a story that is very severe and serious. She was held captive in a garage in California with her two children for over 6 months and was being abused by a polygamist. The abuser raped her and she had a daughter that was given to one of his other wives. From her testimony it was the definition of a horror movie. Here is a link if your interested in reading the story. Laura is a powerful voice for domestic violence and is an activist to this day doing great things. The other three ladies had similar experiences of being beaten and mentally abused. 


The story made no sense whatsoever at any time to me. The actors did a great job, but it was hard to enjoy as I received mixed messages throughout the play. Then again, by the setup the four women speaking about their horror stories I realized, WHY IS EVERYBODY LAUGHING THROUGHOUT THE PLAY!!!!! The grandmother and grandfather were verbally abusing each other throughout the play. It’s okay to tease once in a while, but this portrayed people as mindless morons. In the beginning I thought the grandfather was going to be the abuser against the whole family. It turned out he was just a negative and weak character. At one point, the grandmother was making fun of the grandfather for pooping his pants. There was a poop stain on his underwear or something and she goes I’m going to post this to Facebook, hashtag #doodypants. 


One character Tyrone was a like a boss of a gang or something and was abusing women in front of his men. I took a good look at the audience to my right and above me. Some people were laughing when a woman was being beaten! I know it’s fake and he wasn’t really hitting her, but the context of why everyone was there should have had some concerned looks, not smiling. Tyrone ends up killing the sister of the family at one point. The brother then goes to “Settle the score” and they go fight the gang. There was some music going while they were beating up Tyrone and the gang. Looks around: Same reaction! People smiling and laughing. When the curtains closed, “Standing Ovation!”!!!! Teaching people to react with hate instead of love is nothing worth promoting. What a mockery to have "LOVE" stamped on my ticket. It was a long play and a most of the other scenes were much lighter on applause and clapping. We weren’t sure if the Tyrone character was killed or went to prison. Either way at the very end when the cast was getting recognized. The actor who was the abuser got the most applause. 


We as a “group mind” in our Country have become so numb to violence due to our programming that we would applaud violence in a “Domestic Violence Against Women Awareness Month” play. Even the portrayal of the family made me sick to my stomach. The play was really the rated G version of what is happening out in the world right now. As I’m writing this critique there are pedophiles, rapists, and murderers whom are getting away with unconscionable acts. When we drive by places, we only see walls. What is going on behind those walls is anybody’s guess. Spreading awareness is great, but most people are afraid to "see something say something" in a lot places. Many times people who report abuse end up being abused. 


Just ask my Presidential Candidate, Rev. Pinkney Butts who was there with me. She was a survivor with a worse story than any of those people on stage have ever gone through. I’m not saying that what Laura Cowan or the other ladies up there didn’t go through hell because they did, but Rev. Pinkney has a story to tell that deserves to be heard. It shouldn’t be a sign of pride to have a story of having your children taken away and who get’s beat up worse by their abusers. I was in shock when Rev. Pinkney Butts told me Laura Cowan KNEW her story and didn't even speak with me about her running for President.


If she really cared for Domestic Violence against Women. Help get Reverend Pamela Pinkney Butts story out there! After all, she is a Presidential Candidate for this 2016 election for the USA! Someone who cares deeply about this issue, just as the rest of America should. People are saying she is mentally ill for being abused! She could be lumped into the ! They tried to say that she had PTSD, when the doctors misdiagnosed her being mentally ill. Didn’t you say you have flashbacks or triggers. By that same logic, she would also have PTSD, yet everyone takes her seriously. All I’m saying is that we are slipping the letter out to the public. Just like Laura did when she didn’t know what else to do! Help our voice be heard! What I saw from this play would never save lives. We haven’t gotten to the root of the problem. If the roots are still there then the problem will never go away. Horror is an accepted form of ENTERTAINMENT in America. If anything, this play promoted violence. Job well done if that was the purpose. 


        So, in honor of October being “Domestic Violence Against Women Awareness Month”. Please learn about Rev. Pamela M. Pinkney Butts story by going to and click the first youtube link under links. She is still being bullied and undermined at every turn because the people who are running the country do not wan't her anywhere near the White House. Yet, she is still fighting to be heard and has overcome all of what is being done to actually change things for the better. Isn't that worth fighting for? That's why I'm helping her and we are still here doing whatever we can to spread awareness of her Presidential Campaign, which has seemed impossible. What she has exhibited to me is a fierce, loving, and kind spirit that will stop at nothing to restore our Nation to it's essential purpose. I've seen how she fights for her grandchildren and she is doing it for them and their future. 


     These children are our future and what are we teaching them. So many kids today are being raised by the television and the level of violence they are witnessing is indeed making them believe that violence is just a way of life. Not only that, but these movies leave an impression on the psyche. It is overstimulation, especially to young kids aged up to 5-6 years old.  I know Rev. Pinkney is doing this selflessly because I have seen how much she loves them and how she raises them. Rev. Pinkney is dedicated to turning things around.


 Why would we want someone in office who is experienced? Look at what they have done to our Country so far. We are on the brink of WAR! The public is doped up on prescription drugs, drugs, drunk, and distracted by the television. Hillary Clinton for president? Really? Look what her experience has brought upon Americans. I spoke with a man who works for a security company who said she didn't pass a competency test in regard to the security of her emails. If anyone else did what she did, they would be in prison. Why would other countries want to do business with us if we are compromised. Do I need to even mention anything else? Just google the negative about Hillary Clinton. Watch the Documentary Clinton Cash and learn about what they did to the people of Haiti!!!! It's unbelievable what they get with on a daily basis. Who would vote for someone who dressed up like an African American person for Halloween and thinks it's funny? We need to turn our attention away from the distractions of life and focus on what is going to make this world a better place. We ask for your support and cooperation in this matter. The support of the people is all we need to make this happen. I believe in Rev. Pinkney Butts ability as she has no fear and will hold people accountable for their actions. We all need to be responsible for how we behave. We need to be their elders and show them the way. We need to address these matters immediately please! 


Some much needed information: 

It was another eventful weekend, which has been the case every single day since I met Rev. Pinkney Butts. Never a dull moment when your campaigning for position of Commander In Chief of our nation. With that kind of power comes a heavy burden of responsibility. A responsibility which she takes very seriously and we are serious about this election.  Right now, what we need is anyone interested in our campaign to start networking and spreading the word that Rev. Pinkney Butts is a candidate. Regardless of how late it is in the election, it is still a possibility. Anything is possible with a positive attitude and a plan. Information spreads like lightning with social media. Will it be so hard to spread the word. What you need to understand is that when people find out how she has been blocked on a federal, state, and local level. They have labeled her as mentally ill and it is not true at all. What is happening to her is more than just her children that were taken away Oct 10th, 2002. It involves Terrorism, Kidnapping, Invasion of Privacy, Theft, Robbery, Conspiracy to commit murder, Llibel, Slander, Complicity, Altering Files and Reports. Violation of United States Constitution, Violation of her Civil Rights, Human Rights, and Constitutional rights. No Reverend deserves the treatment of being processed in a kangaroo court. They plan to prosecute on Oct 17th, 2016 at 8am before the court even opens so there is no court reporter or documentation of it. Rev. Pamela continues to be discriminated against for being a multiracial woman of god! The people that are in power today don't want someone who will do something about the greed, corruption, and murders that are taking place on a daily basis. It's not in their interest and they have the power at the moment. We need to collectively strip them of that through the election process.  We will demand her name on the ballot as we have had to exert all of our energy dealing with this instead of running her campaign, which is legitimate. She deserves to have her voice heard. Personally, I wouldn't mess with her. She is has a stronger character than any person (man or woman) that I have ever come across. Rev. Pinkney Butts will make a great president! 

If you wish to see the interview where she explains a great deal of her story please see the Youtube video. Don't be fooled about the number of views. There are people at Youtube and Google manipulating that information. They freeze the ugliest scenes out of a whole long video to portray her in a negative light.



Good Morning, 

It's been a struggle to get our campaign recognized amongst other issues. We are optimistic the tide is beginning to turn and the people who have been blocking us and working against Pinkney will be held responsible for their actions. Tuesday, we were at City Hall and before our meeting she was being harassed by police. She said "why are you following me?" He said, "I was told to do it". Thursday, September 29th: We went to a rally in East Cleveland where frustrated citizens marched against a dump site in the community. We met with government officials to address this matter. 

We care deeply about strengthening and empowering our local communities! We need your support! 

God Bless! 

Campaign Manager

Steve Loparo

Friday August 12th, 2016

Greetings America, 

We look forward to your vote! November 8th, 2016. We would love to hear your voice before then on how you would like to see the transformation of our Nation. Give us a call! Give us a shout! Most importantly, Do not count us out! 

- Pamela USA 2016 The Presidential Leader working with and for you! 

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God Bless America!