Some much needed information: 

It was another eventful weekend, which has been the case every single day since I met Rev. Pinkney Butts. Never a dull moment when your campaigning for position of Commander In Chief of our nation. With that kind of power comes a heavy burden of responsibility. A responsibility which she takes very seriously and we are serious about this election.  Right now, what we need is anyone interested in our campaign to start networking and spreading the word that Rev. Pinkney Butts is a candidate. Regardless of how late it is in the election, it is still a possibility. Anything is possible with a positive attitude and a plan. Information spreads like lightning with social media. Will it be so hard to spread the word. What you need to understand is that when people find out how she has been blocked on a federal, state, and local level. They have labeled her as mentally ill and it is not true at all. What is happening to her is more than just her children that were taken away Oct 10th, 2002. It involves Terrorism, Kidnapping, Invasion of Privacy, Theft, Robbery, Conspiracy to commit murder, Llibel, Slander, Complicity, Altering Files and Reports. Violation of United States Constitution, Violation of her Civil Rights, Human Rights, and Constitutional rights. No Reverend deserves the treatment of being processed in a kangaroo court. They plan to prosecute on Oct 17th, 2016 at 8am before the court even opens so there is no court reporter or documentation of it. Rev. Pamela continues to be discriminated against for being a multiracial woman of god! The people that are in power today don't want someone who will do something about the greed, corruption, and murders that are taking place on a daily basis. It's not in their interest and they have the power at the moment. We need to collectively strip them of that through the election process.  We will demand her name on the ballot as we have had to exert all of our energy dealing with this instead of running her campaign, which is legitimate. She deserves to have her voice heard. Personally, I wouldn't mess with her. She is has a stronger character than any person (man or woman) that I have ever come across. Rev. Pinkney Butts will make a great president! 

If you wish to see the interview where she explains a great deal of her story please see the Youtube video. Don't be fooled about the number of views. There are people at Youtube and Google manipulating that information. They freeze the ugliest scenes out of a whole long video to portray her in a negative light.